catching up


I haven’t posted for a while because I really haven’t had much to talk about. Partly because I’m back to work retirement is boring;  got to be more to life than jerking off 5 times a day.

I still dress everyday I have several new outfits, and do go out on patio in my condo, so far nobody has said anything. I haven’t been going much at all I really don’t why maybe because I’ve done it now so there isn’t the need like before. If I was more passable maybe I would go out more, although I do pretty good I still have male feature so I can’t hide it. I have 3 men that have made passes at me and all were attractive but for some reason I went to bitch mode and didn’t  go home with them again, I can’t tell you why but it was fun being a gurl and teasing being something they couldn’t have!

I still go to the adult theaters about once a week but haven’t played much if at all until yesterday. I was there checking men out and there was nothing there appealing to me. I am still fascinated how men with big bellies think they are sexy????? Than there was guy that I found appealing but seem to be shy but like me after watching for a hour he was selective too and it appeared he has some interest in me. But he wasn’t doing all the thing do when they want to be touched or sucked. So after a while I got next to him and he was playing with him self but covering up. Ok I’ve been there for quite a while and if nothing going to happen I’m leaving so I get more aggressive and he doesn’t pushing me away but doesn’t uncover and a bunch of guy standing around. I am always the passive one, I love being seduced but I had to do something. So I went in the other room and he came and set down and set down next to him and started feeling him up again and it was BIG!!!!!!! Finally I got in my favorite position on my knees between a mans legs. Gawd his cock was gorgeous, so pretty, thick and long and hairy balls ( I have a 6″ dildo and his was much thicker and at least 2″ longer)

I have a small mouth and really had to work to get down my throat ohhhhh but it tasted sooooo good and felt so good even though my lips were really stretched this is the cock I’ve been waiting for I sucked about half of it and licked and sucked his hairy balls. I was in sissy heaven for a gurl like me this is what I have been waiting. This is what I’ve been waiting for GOOD sex.


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