Not much to talk about


This is pretty much a pink day, I think pink is soooooo fem…….. I have new cute little pink panties, a pink and lace bra a pink sundress and yes I have pink pantyhose but that a little to much. I may go on cam on adultfinders later. I love my new blonde hair love the style make me look younger and a gurl loves that!

I have been going out quite a bit later including the theater but just haven’t found anybody that I want to play with, I guess am just getting to picky but after 15 years of sucking cock I guess you get that way. I have got a couple new dresses and a gurl has to show them off that’s why I’ve been going out, I may go out today. I woke up in the mood and you know how moody gurls get…………I do miss cock but I’ve reach to point I want good sex or I don’t want to bother…..I guess I really don’t have a right to be picky, being an older gurl but there still are men interested in me so I must have something going on.

Looks like next week is going to be a pantyhose week where it’s going to be cold, trust me it get cool down there when you where a skirt and it’s windy and cool lol.

Over all life’s good I have been able to express my fem side for  quite a while and I wear panties bra and dresses everyday and of course heels too, they make my legs look sooooooooo good. Ok may see you on Adultfinders later kisses.

I have been out more than normal over the last  few weeks experienced a few BIG cocks and got my reward for being a good sissy on my knees between a REAL mans legs. Love it when I am servicing a man and know others are looking my short skirt at my panties…. I feel so naughty…..I have new chastity cage cumming I love the feel I get when I put it on.

I had a nice day yesterday started at a gay bar than to the adult theater but there was nobody that interest me although they was a lot of men interested in me. Mostly chocolate meat. I have said it before I don’t like black men. not because I am racist …. I don’t like the flavor! It’s to bad a lot of them want me and there are so many hung black guys.. Than went to another gay bar and got hit on by a very handsome man that definitely wanted me. I don’t know why I went into my bitch mode. There is something about having something that an Alpha man wants and he can’t have. What is wrong with me? A nice hard cock that wants me and I blew him off………..


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