viaI  I have gone on this rant before. Men are bad at sex, I absolutely know why women complain. I have been going out dressd to gay bars and adult movies for about 5 year and in that time I can name on barely two hand good sex expierences I have had. I feel I am very accomadating when I see a man I’d like to have sex with but either they can’t do, or get it up or last over 2 minutes. Now you have to understand these are men that approach me, so they are attracted to me. It’s not me approaching men that have no interest in gurls like me or my appearance. Not everybody is attracted to every other person out there. We all know what is appealling to us and what is not. I am Bi and love sex with woman too and I was told by friends of woman I went out with that I was good in bed. I didn’t think I was anything special and I am definitely not hung. I always thought if these poor women think I am good in bed, that the men they date must be awful. Now I understand!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also guys just because you have a cock that doesn’t make you desirable. When your cock doesn’t stick out beyond your belly isn’t very appealing.


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