pushing limits

Getting a little more adventurous. I have been going out at night for about 2 years. Always at night, I am not quite passable so the dark helps. I alway left in regular clothes with lady clothes under and added the finishing touches when I got there but always came home “dressed”. Recently I have been leaving my condo dressed which is nice I can do my nails and make up so far not spotted but last night I got caught coming home. To ad a little edge to it I have been using Uber to go and come home. SO FAR SO GOOD???
Time will tell before I get caught and catch crap for it but unti than I am having agood time….. This life style is addictive although I have been dressing since I was 6 I have really started embracing it in the last 10 years, of course being divorced helps…..and got caught redhanded  last night coming home but she was very accepting and rode up the elevator together…..Nice ending to the night!


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