I am a Bad Cocksucker

viaNot that I want to be bad, I desperately want the best cocksucker in the world. I love cocks so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I am bad. Why? I have a small mouth so when I find a MAN with a nice size cock it’s really too big for me to give him a good blow job. Like yesterday I got on my knees between a man legs ( My favorite position ) and he had a nice cock and I went to town wrapping my lips tightly around his nice tasty piece of meat and slid it as deep as I could take it but there was more. It was so hard trying keep my teeth from his beautiful full cock. I sucked and like he tasted really good but after a while my jaws starting get sore. I was trying so hard but I know I wasn’t giving him what he wanted because he didn’t get off and if you have read my blog, you know how I hate that….I love trying and practicing but I am so disappointed in myself. I felt so sissified I had  my little cock cage in my pink chastity cage.

I sucked a cock  much smaller than mine the other day; his poor wife and he couldn’t even get hard. I don’t care about size but I like a hard cock. Poor guy because he thought he was a man. I have a small cock but I am suppose to as a sissy, I love my little cock!

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