Transvestite or sissy?

via I have been trying to figure out where I fit in the big wonderfully gray world of sexually that I have been living in for over 50 years. Why do we need to label ourselves? It’s not for us but it’s so people can figure out what we like and if it
matches others. No I do not want to become a woman full time although I would enjoy having real breast but I would not my little pee pee cut off. It so cute and it really does represent my life style. I do crossdressing most of the time but there are time I like regressing to a man and fitting in the outside world at times.
I like being a sissy but I really am not really submissive enough. I like being as a woman (maybe a slutty one). So I guess I qualify as a transvestite. I like dressing in woman’s clothes and when I do, I try to dress as close to the way a REAL woman my age does and when I do, I want to act as much as I can like a woman as I can. My mind seems to switch in to that fem mood when I dress and love servicing a man. Nothing better than getting on your knees in front of a real man with a hard cock, legs spread and ready to use a whore like me.
I have been behaving myself only because I am getting more selective. Yesterday I did serviced a man and it was so much fun. He had a big cock not monster size but a nice size. I am not a size queen but aesthetically it’s nice to look at and stroke a big cock. He wasn’t circumcised and a nice set of hairy balls that he loved having sucked. The head was smaller than usual which is so nice when you want to deep throat ( and I love deep throating my men, they love that) Love listen to man moan and call me a slut.
So when I had him all the way down my throat it didn’t chock me. He knew exactly how to treat me, slapping and rubbing his cock all over my face. He put his hands on my head and guide me, I love that not really forcing me but showing me what he liked. Than he started facefucking, talk about going in to slut mood mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Last week I serviced another man but it wasn’t as good. He used a condom and although it much safer, it like sucking on a dildo. The taste and the feeling of the skin of a hard cock between your lip and your tongue sliding up and down a cock. (it feels so naughty) He did have a big mushroom head which is good and bad for me. I have a small mouth. I was wearing my little pink cock cage each time and that just makes me such an easy target because I am in such a girly mood and make me submissive, For years I hated my tine sissy cock but today I know it matches my persona and LOVE it.
I love living here in South Florida. I don’t expect people to understand or accept me but just leave me alone and let me do what I enjoy and that is the way it is down here. Everybody is busy living their lives and just leaves me alone.


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