This is what I am

I was aked the other day what am I? So I pondered that question and came up with a few answers. First we live in a new world where everything isn’t either black or white. i.e. gay or straight……. I live like most people in that big gray world in between. I crossdress and have since 5 or 6 and I am bi. I like men for sex only and like letting my fem sissy side out when I am with a man. When I say I am a sissy I am not a real submissive….I like being a sub when with a man but only as much as most woman would be, I am not into bondage or pain. If I wanted a relationship it would be witha woman but almost all woman have no use for crossdressing sissies. Most of my activity today is with men because at my age it’s simplier and drama free. I do go out at night dressed and now divorced I dress everyday so for a crossdressing sissy life is good. In my younger years never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to enjoy my cross dressing life so much.


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