Catching up


Why haven’t I posted, well really nothing to talk about. I have been dressing regularly and going to Roosters and occasionally Mad Hatter. I have a new set of breast forms and these thing are expensive but they are great! They are all silicone and truly attachable and I wear double D’s and they are heavy but these thing attach without and bra and look as realist as you can find, These thing are so great and if your someone that would like breast enhancement like me but these are really as close as your going to get….So I am loving these I can actually go out without a bra which give me many more dressing choices.

I have been a real good girl up until the last few days. Yesterday I let a guy give me a blow job which I rarely do and now I remember why. Guys when using your tongue on a cock remember it’s is rough and when licking a cute uncut cock like mine it is too rough because I am very sensitive so a lot less tongue on the head PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today it was my turn and I a guy cum in Latino and I love Latino men. Now big cocks are great in porno movies and ascetically pleasing but when it is that big it hard to service especially like with an aggressive guy that tries to drive it down your throat and your not ready, it can go from great to very unpleasant. Again this is real life not porno. Later I ran to an older guy with a regular size cock, just right for sucking, all the way to his hairy balls mmmmmm and he was very appreciated which always nice. Big or small all I want is it gets hard….So this was a good day to be a sissy!!!!!!!!!!!


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