Over many many years I’ve had a far amount of sex but very rarely great sex and some good sex but overall just adequate sex both gay and hetro. I think thats why I am avoiding it now masturbation is so much more enjoyable and under control.
The best sex was Always with nut jobs the sex was so good but the rest of the relationship was so bad. The last good sex was with an over controlling neat freak but the sex was so good…
I have been going to adlut theaters for years and was a very willing participant but recently unless I make  a connection it just isn’t worth the bother. When I get contacted in the theater or on line I am looking for “that” connection, not a relationship but like me and the other person is on the same page…
So in conclusion I haven’t had much sex lately because I am just getting to picky but look at me and my age I have no right but I know what I like  and thats it


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