I have been wearing my little pink chastity cage a lot lately. It’s a small one and still big for my cock mmmmmmm. I love wearing it really puts me in the right mood. SISSY! Although I am a sissy I am really not that submissive or should I say to an extreme like a couple friend. I like servicing man but I don’t like abuse. Me, being a sissy is having my peepee locked up so I only focus on my man pleasure Love a man standing with me on my knees his cock all hard and stiff and if I am very lucky a lot of pre cum and he;s wearing tighty whity’s. He can put his hands on my head and facefuck me, Slap my face with his cock and grind his cock into my sissy face……cum in my mouth or on my face. I love swallowing, to me your not a real slut if you don’t swallow! Or if you want me on all fours with my cute little chastity cage hanging between my legs. I have pink  panties and matching bra on as am doing this post. Nothing says sissy than pink.

All this talk and I haven’t hand any c–k for a while. The adult theaters are not doing it for me right now although I may go as a boy today……It’s like a told a friend I guess I am looking for good sex not just sex.

The heat has really played into how much I have gone out as a girl, panty hose and long hair isn’t really hot weather compatible so it’s not as much fun as it can be……


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