July first update

I have been really behaving myself lately and have no idea why? No cock for over a month and when I go to the adult theaters I just don’t get the urge, but that may be the players there I have become so much more picky than I use to be.
I have my new toy chastity cages but I have a hard job keeping them on for an extended period but I do love them I have never more like a sissy as when my cock is locked up and my balls hanging and the only thong I can do for pleasure is pleasure someone else. SMILE!!!!!!!
It’s hot here in Florida so I have been dressing less and going out but I still do Roosters and Mad Hatter are still my favorite places because they have always been so nice to me…….New panties and bras, I always get excited when they come in the mail it’s a little like Christmas for a sissy.
I have found some sound suppressors for my heels which I love. I now can walk in my heels in my condo before we have tile floors and the heels would make so much noise. Now I can walk all I want and get use to the heel. I love this because my legs have been my best feature and now with the heels they really look good and it also takes practice to walk fem in heels.
I do go on Chaturbate and adult finders. I find it interesting that the people on Adult finders that want to meet me never have pictures?????? and of course everyone wants to meet right now I guess I come off as a whore and I am but only with men I want to be with, I don’t find every man actually most don’t appeal to me. No just having a cock is not enough….


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