Had a little fun

It’s been a while but I have had some fun. I have been going to the adult theaters but really have been behaving myself until last week and serviced 3 men at the same time. I know 2 of them and the third was Latino and I love Latino men. All had big ones so after weeks behaving my self I made up for it in 30 minutes. I am getting a lot pickier with stranger sex than I use to be. I went Monday and today and just watched, there was nobody that caught my interest…… I met another Cd at Roosters the other night very pretty, married and straight and the wife has known since day one. It’s so nice to have other girls show up there. Also I met a bi sexual real girl there the other night, talked to her for 2 hours our conversation went where girls don’t talk about. She is married and he understand and accepts her bi side really cute lots of fun.

I am get a new toy a “cock cage” or chastity cage it looks like so much fun for a sissy like me. I have such a small cock it’s really not of any use. So by locking it up I can just a “gurl” I can’t wait.

I have some new clothes and wigs coming so I have alot to look forward too…


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