Lakeworth theater today

via Google – BookmarksInteresting day at the theater, there was a Cd and a cute tranny there today neither I have seen before. I had pink and pink panties under my boy clothes but I wasn’t completely dressed. Usually when I go dressed I am the full figured girl, most girl are skinny or thin….Anyway the Cd was cute enough but no wig, you have to have to have a wig or long hair to keep the illusion going. I am going to say this to all Cd’s out there if you go out as a woman in public, no bald, short hair, mustaches, beards or goatees…..If you really want that fem feel and get the attention of men. Even though I am a “thick” gurl men are still men attracted to me if I am their type… The tranny was young and cute, natural hair and real size b tits and a cute 5″ cock that fit her perfectly. I was a little surprised she wasn’t shaved but I like hairy cocks so it was fine to me. Had a lot of fun feeling her up. I keep telling them they should have a tranny night; there is lot of gurls around WPB looking for a place to go and we have a lot of admires….


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