Good morning

I’ve got back to dressing everyday from a few weeks off. Wearing my pink babydoll nighty as I update my blog. Still haven’t had any sex for a month but the porn on the internet is so good I get by. I was out to my favorite gay bar the other night and got hit on hard by an attractive man. He loves gurls like me and wanted me bad I could tell. He bought me a drink and gave me his number. It’s nice as you get older that men still find you attractive. I was wearing a dress with garter and hose and the cutest little pink panties. 

I have got back on adult finders and Chaturbate again to play when I dress up, it just a way to share my hobby with others. Many people watch so I can’t be that bad…I where panties and bra under my street clothes. You can tell I am wearing a bra if you look they are 38 b bras. It interesting when they notice they look right at my tits before they no it just like men do to women it’s kind of fun. The think you are wearing a bra but not sure enough to say something.

I haven’t had any fall out yet from getting caught coming home dressed by neighbor. I come home dressed every night I go out which is 2 or 3 times a week and only been caught 3 times. Just lucky. I worried more about but what I see on the inetrnet and Tv being abnormal is the new normal.


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