my bi side

I went to a gentleman’s club last night and as I watched the girls and I got to thinking about choices we make and how it affect our lives, sometime life time.

Woman don’t understand the “real man” not this new age crap you see on TV.

Once a woman becomes a stripper or a hooker. It what she becomes always be know as, she will always be a hooker or a stripper; even if she does either just once in her life. Even if she stop the professions she will still be known as ”  asshe use to be a stripper she use to be a hooker” and that will be how she will refereed to all her life. A perfect example is Jenny Mccarthy, she will always be known as a porn star no matter how she successful she gets. Is it fair? I don’t know if you if you didn’t make the choice willing maybe not. But if you made the choice willingly maybe.But it is the way it is…..

Strip clubs for men are a fantasy world but I also call it “school boys revenge” for all those times you wasn’t cool or cute enough for any of the pretty girl to pay any attention to you. We were young and we thought these girls as angels or goddesses. Oh so naive !!!

40 years later all these pretty young girl are chasing all these old men around (like me) because we have jingle in our pocket. You sit there and watch it’s and see how ridiculous this is. I am always getting hit on by the strippers for a lap dance and I always say no. One stripper asked me my? I said why get all worked up and not finish the job. I said think about having sex with boyfriend when he doesn’t finish the job your left frustrated so why do it. The truth is if I spend money for sex I want to complete the deal….

The last comment is for girls. I know what you watch on TV these so call reality shows and the feelings about sex that your the have the same rights as guys and you do have that RIGHT…. But the core man, the one that will never say this out loud. When he has sex with a girl quickly no matter how much he like the girl he is she still a whore in his eyes. In a mans eye he needs to respect the girl and when I girl is “easy” the core man can not get by that intellectually or not. So is it fair? I am saying what you see on TV is not real. Women and men look at life and sex entirely differently is what it mean. Men have alway look for woman to civilize us and when you act like men that is not going to happen. Which mean no relationships or weak ones at best.   


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