not more going on

It’s been a couple weeks since posting. The reason I have not been doing much. I did meet another Cd at Roosters I keep teasing Artie we are taking over the bar lol. I’ve seen her there before and I decided we needed to meet so I went over to talk and we hit it off. She dresses a lot more over the top than  I do and I was surprised to find out that she is a top and although she is older than, I she has only been dress 7 or 8 years. But I have talk to her twice it’s nice to have someone that understands. We haven’t hooked up, I am not sure I’m her type I am a lot more conservative than she is…. But it isn’t often I get to me meet someone like me in real time….. I am going out about every other day now, when I leave at night I leave as a man but come home as a gurl. Last night I did my make up and nails. I love doing that make me feel so girly I can’t do that during the day….I go on cam on adult finders and Chaturbate fairly regularly. I also chat on AOL. Everyone want to hookup but of course I have to host. I had a guy from Tampa that was going to drive over yesterday yea 4 hours each way. I have found a solution to see whoe real and who isn’t I ask for picture, no picture no meeting! I havemy picture on every site. No face because this is the internet and my family members don’t know.


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