I’ve been busy

This last week I have been very bad. I don’t what got in to me the last few weeks I have been so slutty, it’s like I am possessed I have sucked at least 10 cocks and even for me that is a lot.

I do have a prospective about men and sex that I have shared before. Most men aren’t very good at it. When I am a man and hear women say that I am thinking how could that be men love sex! After 15 years here in South Florida I’ve been with many men and have came to the same conclusion. Now in fairness many of these hook ups have been in adult movies not the most romantic setting or should get the best a man has to offer but try a little. I am doing things for you your wife won’t do for you, I’m not complaining  that is why I am there what she hates I love! Most men have average size cocks except most black men are hung better that white guys but I don’t do black guys. WHY? It not racial, I just don’t like the taste, they have an unique flavor also most black guys don’t want to use a condom. Now my favorite is still Latino, they are men and aren’t caught up in political correctness. They are men and treat you as a whore most woman are in truth and treat us accordingly and most have bigger than average cock and the are always rock hard, I love that.

This is to prove my point about men being bad at sex! Last Friday I went to the theater near here just as men are getting done work.   Instantly I was surround when I got there getting felt up everywhere, so I wander around a bit and came back to the group after my eyes got us the dark. I like to know what the guy looks like I am having sex with. The first guy comes up behind me and just pulls my panties down and try’s to fuck m, even bent over he couldn’t get it in so I got down on my hands and knees my favorite position and it slipped right in and fuck me fast and bang he came and left. Another guy took his place and started fucking, 20 seconds later he came and was done. So I turn around and a guy had a nice cock out, perfect for sucking and I started and a minute later he he came. So I stood up and in few minutes a guy come in and came up behind me and started rubbing against my ass. I hear him open a condom and he slipped it on. He did have a very nice cock and he bent me over and started fuck me 30 second later he came. So there you are sex with 4 men and all told 5 minutes of sex………



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