Dirty little girl


I don’t know what got into me but I sucked 5 different cocks this week and yes I am a slut but usually not this bad……It also was an odd week…..Only one was somewhat satisfying, it was a nice size big enough and not to big, a guy about my age nice hairy balls and I got him off with a nice load …. The others were normal guys with normal cocks. I know how unsatisfying it has to be for most women.
I like Latino men because they now how to be men and are comfortable with their man hood and when they find something they like and they show you. I have never been with a mean latino guy but they know what they want and how to take it…..The last guy I got down on my knees for (my favorite place to be when I am with a man) had  such a beautiful cock so full, just perfect and i sucked it and then he made me stop and than he followed me around showing it to me but when I went to take care of him he’d walk a way just weird and frustrating…
as I say a lot of activity but not all that good. Maybe I’m getting picky or expect more after 15 years of doing this….but as I say I understand why there is so many disappointed woman in America.
Bought some new bras this week buying lingerie always makes me feel better. I have also been using my butt plug more recently once use I love the full feeling that a sissyboy likes I am sure it’s not as filling as it is in areal pussy but it works for me.
My last thoughts are about Bruce Jenner, in the tabloids it’s saying he wants to switch back. True or not, this isn’t unusual . A lot of people in any number of way for make big transitions from this to a big weight loss is in the end never seems to fit the fantasy world they think it will take you too.
Being a full time woman is hard work why do you think woman wears short, jeans and tee because dressing like a man is easy. The other end is your social world is going to be lot different than you expect. The tranny world is very limited not everyone want to know or sexual desires a tranny. Pretty much other trannies and men only want you for sex, that is why you see many in the sex industry so they can make a living. I’ve said it many time LGBT is simply a group of people that on the out from normal convention. Being part of the group doesn’t mean that people in that group embrace this life style. So where do you go they accept you in the group doesn’t mean they want to hang with you or gay men want to be with you in a relationship. So being a tranny  ( if your full time can be a lonely place) I have no interest in being a crossdreser full time, although I dress everyday I still have my boy side where the whole world see me as a man an it’s much easier world. Now if the opportunity come where I feel my family would accept real breast I would have the done and than I would have to deal with that happening but I don’t think thats realist so one thing at a time!


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