Holiday Greetings

Not a very active week for a Sissy. I had family in town and that doesn’t work well for a closeted crossdresser. I have gone to the adult theater a few times but no body that turned me.  It was interesting Saturday, there was 3 of us tranny types there and there was no interest in any of us. The best looking and youngest left and a tranny with real tits finally hooked up with a guy with panties on, she wanted to get fucked and he wasn’t interested. After a hour I left, usually we get chased around the theater at least by the old trolls. I don’t know why there wasn’t more action but we get a lot of attention from the married guys and because of the holidays’ and the weekend they probably were busy. Some people asked if I feel guilty about servicing married men? First I didn’t invite them there it is between him and his wife. Second, I really think I help most marriages, the guy isn’t having an emotional affair and he gets his needs met, he is happy and the wife is happy she isn’t doing something she doesn’t want to do but I do……win win for all !!!!

After the theater I went to the Mad Hatter in Lake Worth, Fl and had a few glasses of wine I was complete dressed from the theater. I had on thigh hi, short black skirt with white poka dots. It’s so cute and sexy. I had a tight red top that stretches over my big tits. No nails or makeup because it was the middle of the day but I check myself out when I got home and I still looked good for my age. I look so much better as as an older woman than the old man I am.

I am on Adult finders and get hit on by men that want to hook up right now and of course at my place. I am in South Florida I ‘m not hooking up right NOW no matter how horny I am and these same guys never have a picture…. Hmmm I don’t do obese; nothing wrong with a few extra pound we all have that but when your cock doesn’t stick out beyond your gut you either have a very small cock like mine or your fat! What do I call fat is when you look like you pregnant and your a man! Anyway I keep an open mind and if the man plays by my rule we may meet. I will play by your rules later in bed OK…

Sitting here in my sexy night shirt, sheer white panties and black lace bra…..God I love were woman’s clothing, women get to wear sexy and pretty things and never apprecaite the gift they have been given, like I love buying new panties checking out how sexy or cute they are and imagine wearing them, I know I really an showing my sissy side now….

Let talked my sissy cock. When I was a young man and than married I felt so inadequate. Now as I sissy I love it, it so cute and looks so sexy in my panties…..and now I know today as man no matter how big you are there is another man with a bigger one and if he is charming and your wife is hot he will eventually have his cock in her…. I don’t worry about that anymore…..



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