I got caught

I got caught….by my nieghbor in full drag wig skirt blouse heels. I wasn’t trying that hard not too but I got home about 9:30 pm and it was dark.  I have gone home before and just check out the parking lot and usually have no problem getting to the elevator. A few people have seen me not close. I saw this guy go the elevator so I waited a few minute for the elevator go (we have 2 elevators) I got there and pushed the button and surprise he was there, he forgot to push the up button. He spoke to me no snide remark but I don’t know if I made him horny or was amused. I was thinking as I drove home I have reached that age where this is becoming more and more important to me (dressing) so I really wasn’t that bothered by it.

Now like I have said before I don’t want to be a Bruce Jenner, there are times I like being a man but I dress every day and love lingerie. It doesn’t have to sexy just fem. I am starting to do more makeup and actually getting pretty good at it. I am not pretty but look a lot more fem and I love doing my nails this is what really pushed me to the other side……

The only thing I would like to do before I die is have real breast but thats not realistic…..But hey I can do most of the girly things I want to do….

I wouldn’t mind having a regular man to service that understood what I liked and what he needed. But I am very discreet about this. I do live in South Florida but by living here I could do what I did in many parts of the country it could of turned into a bad situation…


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