Last night

It’s been a while since I’ve been out with the cold and work I just didn’t have a chance. I am working today but I was sooooo horny I need to get out. So I went out last night. I dressed with my black lace fuck me panties and matching black bra, thigh hi no pantyhose I wanted easy access for anyone that want it. Short cute white skirt and my favorite red top it really makes my big tits pop. Comb my new blonde hair….I really looked all right for an old full figured whore. I went to Roosters and had a few drinks than headed to the adult theater for fun…..

I got there and went into the theater and walked through showing myself to those that like a gurl like me. There was another CD there. She and I have hooked up before. She came up behind me and felt me up and slide my panties down and tried to fuck me but couldn’t get it hard enough, I was so disappointed because she has before and she has a nice cock just right for fucking a girl like me. So I got on my knees and tried to suck her hard but she must of been there for a while I couldn’t get it over semi hard……So I felt her up a while and then went on, not a lot to choose from but most of the guys weren’t special but acceptable . I stood there and started get felt up and rubbed on, it was nice I felt like the first time my cousin felt me up when I was 9. Finally there was guy that had his fat cock out so I did my job. I was very nice thick but not real long so I could slide my lips all the way to his hairy balls……It was so much fun….. He went away and other guys started feeling me up  My panties got pulled down again a nice hard cock started rubbing staging me and I could tell he was jerking off I love men cumming on me like that


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