Had a cold

So I haven’t bad or good depending on your perspective…So I have be sitting around in my nighty (sissy’s don’t wear pajamas) watching porn especially the live cams they are my favorite. Big cocks and she males. I am amazed how many different types of people on cam I mean I am on there which is true proof that there is a type for everyone. I do miss being on my knees using my lips to pleasure a man. I absolutely love being on my knees for a man he standing over me jerking his cock and teasing me asking me if I want to suck his hard cock and laughing at me call me a fag or a whore or a slut knowing while I,m on my knees my panties are showing and men climbing on me and pulling my panties down and a cock slips between my lips and in my pussyass at the same time . Being so full of cock is so satisfying. When this happens I feel like I am doing exactly why I am put on this earth and than when I feel both of warm sticky man juice filling me up mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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