pubic hair

I love hairy cocks and balls. My men don’t have to hairy anywhere else but a real man doesn’t shave there. A real man pulls it out and expect it to be taken care of and sissy does to do this… I love it when they pull it out and watch me go down on my knees and watch me wrap my wet red lips around the head and than slide the shalt all the way as far as I can I love it when my face and lip hits his hairy cock and feel all that hair all over my face while he holds my head there not until I gag but just long enough to know he like the feel. I look at all that hair and slide his cock all the way down my throat until all his hair is my face again……than he starts fucking my face hands on my head as that stiff thing slide between my lip and until it all in and he grinds that big cock against my face. Than I start sucking his hairy balls and there is something having a man ball all covered with pubic hairy while you lick and suck him and hear him moan, they are seem so really like having their balls sucked and since it makes men happy than I am very happy to do it. The other day when I was at the adult theater it happen, he took me down front and set in one of the front seats while I enjoyed this beautiful hairy cock with curly hair and he just kept grinding his hairy cock in my face it was wonderful being a sissy for this guy, the was being all man but not mean just know how to show me what he wanted. The problem being down front men stand around and watch and of course I had a short skirt on with light pink panties and they were showing so I had a lot of guys play with my ass but no one pulled my panties down and used me but it was so much fun to have all that attention…Of course I shave my pusssy because it’s very small and it is so cute in my pink panty


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