I have to confess I love cum, I love cum in my mouth, cum in my pussyass, cum on me I just love the taste and the feel. It’s slipperyness and where in come from is so special and it also mean when I receive a nice big creamy load of man juice, it I’ve been a very good sissy. I love the first load of the day it’s so creamy and white and warm……I hate it when men don’t cum! Some are just killing time and are not in any hurry and some are so use to being sucked off that it takes such a long time….Now if your reading this and have never sucked a cock this will sound strange to you but every man you suck off is different and I am not just talking about size. Some want to sucked hard and fast, some want to jerked and sucked, some like deep throating and some love holding your head, some like jacking off all over you, some like fucking your face, some like you sucking their balls everyone  one wants something different….and that is why married men are so special they aren’t use being sucked off and just love having it done for them at all…..I like cleaning a mans cock when done but most men are to sensitive afterwards and bored. All I want to do is finish servicing the man in front of me..and I usually stay on my knees and watch the man put his cock away and walk away like I m a dirty useless whore until next time…..But it is so much fun to practice no matter the results…..15 years of practice so life is good…Monday I practiced on 3 men that is the most I have ever did at one time but the opportunity a rose so why not!


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