sissy Monday

This sissy has been pretty boring lately…..Most of the week all I did is go on Chaturbate (as your full figured auntie) it gives me an outlet. I know I am old and not very sexy compared to the other girls but I do have a small following that like full figured girls and almost everyone that has had an auntie that they wanted to be intimate with…. I dress as always do, usually older style and it’s a place I can show off any new clothes. I general dress everyday and this let me play a girl without going out. The most fun I have is at night when I go to Roosters. I also go on which is part of Adult Finders. This give me a way to connect with real people near me that like “gurls” like us and you can go on cam….I still have the same problem; is everyone wants to jump your bones “right now”! First I live in a condo and they want to know if I can host? Yes, I can but I want to know a little about who’s coming to my door. A normal person or a not! Maybe it’s my age but I like to know a little about you (not your whole life history). What do you like and not like. We know every man has fetishes and I may not be interested in and I don’t want you to get here and find we are not on the same page. Things get weird real quick…..But I am having a few conversations on there and we will see where it goes…. I am accused of being a tease and I guess I am on cam (not in real life) but when I grew up all girls were teases and that was part of the fun.

I have been divorced for 15 years and since my ex didn’t know or have a clue and she would completely freak out if she knew. It has freed me up and anybody the enjoys dressing this tends to take over your life and is so much fun. I guess the best part is all the girl clothes and toys I have and enjoy.

I don’t have a girl or boy friend because it would restrict me to much…. First I don’t think I could find a woman that would understand and I just don’t want a boyfriend. I like married men because they are quick and easy and so happy when you get done servicing them. No drama..


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