Just being a sissy

I have been actively living the sissy life style for the last 15 years. More and more as time goes. One of the thing sissy need to do is suck and service men and help give them that special relief. The difference between girls or women and sissies is this what we want to do it and enjoy doing it……Woman do under social pressure or when dating so they give the perception that they are the new hot girlfriend……But when it’s all said and done the world need sissies to take care of men, especially the married ones. Where we can give them the illusion that it’s a girl taking are of them but they know better because a real girl never takes care of them the way a sissy does. It’s our world and we own it!!!!!

The other day I serviced a guy that really needed it. The guy was straight but he had the smallest cock I have ever between my lips. He might of been 2  1/2″ hard that’s even smaller than mine buy I enjoy my cute sissy cock because it fits my personality and I am not trying to service women will it. Everything about his cock was very nice, it was hard with the nicest circumcised head. Big hairy balls. I like big cock aesthetically but I don’t need them…I didn’t worry about him chocking me lol but everything else was good he grabbed my head and fucked my face like it was the best thing he felt on his cock…..Finally he gave me his cum and he just kept pumping until he was totally relived with a cock that size you know he wasn’t getting it home…..


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