Very interesting night

Went out dressed last night and ended up at my favorite gay bar here in West Palm Beach “Roosters”. I was wearing my new stylish blonde foe (I’ll from this point on call it my lucky wig) My new little black dress, pantyhose (I wasn’t looking for action) my sexiest black heels and these cute pink panties. Any way that’s not the story? I had been sitting there for a short while and this gay guy comes in with his best friend that happens to be a very attract straight girl and they set next to me and we started talking (remember I am Bi) She is pretty with a nice body with a nice ass and big tits and she kept telling me how good I looked and kept asking if I thought she was thin….I thought she was just teasing me but her friend say she really has issue with her size; any way the more she drank the friskier she got NOW REMEMBER i’M IN DRAG She started hugging me than h me the next thing I know she has pulled her top down showing me pretty white soft D’s. The bar tender makes her put them away but as soon as he leave she show me again and this time pulling my face into so I felt obligated to suck them mmmmmmmm they were nice Now this is as good as it gets. I dress in drag so this must be a lesbian experience. She slides her hand up under my skirt and starts feeling me up and start kissing me…. My hand runs down her ass inside her panties and what a nice ass she may have been 40 but very nice shape……..Than she say she wants to give me a blow job and starts french kissing again…..Final the booze got to her and her friend had to take her home….But when I went out last night I was never expecting that and it’s been years since I kissed someone and sucked a boob and it was nice..I forgot how nice!

But for the people in the bar being a gay bar that had to some kind of sight a girl making out with a drag queen!


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