About me

I am always talking about my little naughty adventures but what about the “gurl” behind them….I am a man about 60 5’8″ about 180# that’s why the fullfigured look. I have been crossdressing since I was 5 or 6. I lived with my mother and was always attracted to all her lingerie; back than it was nylon panties, garters hose, sanitary napkins and belts, bullet bra, slips, girdles, dresses everything was so smooth and erotic and fem…..My early years I was never the aggressive boy, I played with boys but preferred the company of girls…..I went years without wear girls clothes but would always go back and wear what I could find when I got a chance. I would get bullied and picked on as a boy because I just wasn’t as aggressive as the other boys. When I got in high school I had moved and decided to change things and it worked. I changing my persona to a “guy” and got respected left alone by the other guys, it worked so well that in my adult life I became a contractor…..

I am Bi sexual and I have been before I knew what sex was, as kids we would show and play with each other boys or girls, why because it felt good, that’s all we knew. When I moved to Florida about 15 years ago I thought I must be gay because I like men physically, actually the only part of a man I find interesting is between his legs!!!!!!but when I went to gays bars I realize I wasn’t gay! I didn’t want to kiss, hug or love another man, my only interest is physically. I still love women. I think woman are so much sexy than men, maybe that why I want to share that experience. I love pussy and breast everything about a woman and if I was going to have another relationship it would be with a woman but it would have to be with someone that understands “my hobby”..

Now I am not pretty or slim but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress and do the best I can, most real women in my age group are in the same group when it comes to looks and shape…..So I try do the best I can. I generally dress for my age although I like short skirts because even at this age my legs are still my best feature. I wear 40 dd bras and it’s not because I like big tits. I tried c and d cups first but didn’t real fit my body type, the double dd’s look like they fit and plays in to the full figured auntie type persona Which when I dressed I really have that look of your full sized auntie that you always had the hots for and wondered what she would look undressed.

I have been dressing everyday now for 2 years since my heart surgery, mostly at home. Like right now I have a white night shirt, white lace bra and the cutest cotton panties white blue flowers. I have a very small cock how I got my ex pregnant is amazing but I did it twice. But it’s almost like I was destined to be a sissy……

I was married almost twenty years and have 2 grown children. Nobody in my family knows and if I am fortunate I will take this to my grave with me, this is my demon not my kids. I just don’t understand people like Bruce Jenner putting this burden on his kids. People like that are total absorbed in them self and no one is as important as their own issues. Your kids need to know you as Dad and that’s all they need to know. So why do it at all if I am so righteous about this issue. I LOVE doing it it is may favorite thing to do it make me feel so special when I dress. I have also reached a certain age, where I have medical issues like arthritis which has limited other activities I enjoy like golf, fishing, etc… There is something so much fun about finding a bra or panties or a skirt that you just love. I never feel that way about boy clothes.

Let talk about being a boy and a gurl. I would never go as far as Bruce Jenner. I like dressings as a gurl most of the time but there are time I like the option of being a boy. I would never ever have my pee pee cut off even as small as it is, I really think my sissy cock is so cute. The only thing I would do if I wouldn’t get caught is have breast surgery. I don’t think anything say sex of femininity than breast I love looking down at my chest and imagine no bra but big beautiful tit that are really mine….

I got to go no but will continue the next time I post


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