I love that girly feeling

The other night I was out, I was wearing my favorite red dressed, it’s knee length and is very elegant looking. I dressed the part, for typical mature woman with full cut panties, pantyhose, my favorite lace Playtex bra. White open toe heels…. I didn’t dress for sex I just dressed like classy woman out on the town to be seen but nothing else…but I felt very fem and I think I look good for a “gurl” my age…. I was sitting there at the with my legs crossed with my big breast being shown off well by my dress…..When a gentlemen at the end of the bar bought me a drink….wow now I an feeling really girly ( I always wondered what it would be like for a man to buy me the “gurl” a drink)  He finally came down, a very attractive back guy. I talked to him for a while and I was such  a “gurl” .I know he wanted me but he wasn’t getting any from me tonight “what kind of girl does he think I am ” what a feeling to have an attractive man wanted me and I was saying no, such a girly feeling came over me. The feeling of girl power I have never felt or known before……

Now if you have read my blog before you know I don’t like the taste of black men but that has changed since the other day. I went out to the theater Tuesday during the day with a very short skirt white panties and tight top. I wear a lot of white when I go to this particular theater because they use a black light so every thing white almost glows. Which draws attention! Not many people there and the only person that was at all interesting was a black guy which I avoided for a while but finally I gave in and got on my knees and started to nurse his nice black cock, what a BIG head; but what caught me by surprise he didn’t have “that black man” taste? I was on my knees, I knew my white panties was sticking out under my skirt while on my knees…..He few guys felt me up while I am sucking… So I have to reassess black guys because there is lot of big black cocks out there.

I am getting bad about coming home dressed! I live in a condo and have been here about 5 years and in the last 6 months I have got to the point where I would love to leave and come home dressed….I want to, I just don’t like drama…..but I have been coming home more and more dressed. The other night I came home and wanted by a neighbor dressed I don’t know if he recognized me or not, but once I dress I don’t want to under dress. I had my newest dress on so I don’t look like a hooker or anything..


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