Sissy time

In the last few weeks I have been going usually to Rooster’s and it’s so nice to be out as a girl. I don’t go to theater after every night out but I have been 3 times in the last 3 weeks. Once with a dress and most time with a tight top and a short skirt. My double D’s always draw attention even when men know they are not real they still can’t help them selves…. and they make me feel so much like a real woman when you look at your big chest it just make you want to service men like a real woman should. Last night I went out to the theater and there was a red neck type guy with the nicest cock with a big mushroom head… I went down on my knees and tasted and licked him and wrapped my hot wet lips around that big head and thick shaft and slide it to my throat mmmmmm. Than he knew exactly what I needed I’m on my knees he pushed me against the wall and than grabbed my head and started to fuck my face nice and deep with such nice steady strokes until he exploded in my mouth and a swallowed all his warm creamy cum. Than he was so nice he let me clean him up I licked all the reside off that big beautiful cock,,,,,,This is the type of night a sissy slut live for….

The last few week I have been buying clothes and today was a great day I usually go to GoodWill and yes I get those looks but SO FAR nobody has said anything…But usually when I go I can usually use half what I get but it’s so cheap I don’t care but the shopping today was so good I had to stop. When I got home I found almost everything was use able but beyond that they fit nice and of course the cutest heels and 2 dresses. I buy all my lingerie on line and I got a babydoll and 2 bras that fit perfect…So all and all it was a good week…..


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