more girl fun

I have been going out at least every other night and having a few drinks. I went to a new place called the Mad Hatter in Lake Worth. It was my 3rd stop of the night and it was around 10:30 the place was full. I had my best white top and a short skirt I looked good (or because of the wine) any way had a nice chat with a 70 year old woman. I never get hit on in any of these gay bars. I just got my second glass of wine and I hooked a heel and one the floor I went. Wine everywhere, scarped a knees ruining my hose and if they didn’t notice me before they did now. Not really hurt but decided it was time to go home. But before getting to the Mad Hatter I went to the theater and was a slut and a whore…Satisfied a few men and there is another “gurl” there and played and than I was used just bent over and my pussy ass got filled. That’s the nice thing about thighs hi or garter and hose it easier access. I came out of the theater and the sheriff had someone pulled over in the parking lot, makes your heart skip a beat,

I had to rearrange my clothes so I had better access but someone visiting not finding them and that’s real hard in a one bedroom condo..I have over 50 pairs panties 30 skirts 5 dresses and 25 tops verity of dildo’s, hose, body shapers I love all my girl clothes….

I am still coming home dressed I know I’m going to get caught. I leave with my girl clothes and boy clothes….Last night I went out to Roosters than to the theater where I was a slut but not a whore. I think the pantyhose and a regular dress had something to do with that. I didn’t plan on the theater so I wasn’t dressed right for activity although I looked very womanly! But I was a good sissy slut I got down between 3 mens legs and did what a girl like me was put on this earth todo. I would of probably stayed longer but the heels put a stain on my legs…Than I decided go back to Roosters and I stayed out until midnight what a naughty “gurl” .



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