It’s been an interesting couple weeks

I find the more I dress and go out the more I want too. I love sitting there dressed as a woman with panties skirt or dress and bra and know that other people are looking at me, judging me and wondering about me. It’s funny as a guy I am a wallflower and I want to be but as a girl I like being the center of attention. I have been coming home dressed ( I live in a condo) and walked by a neighbor he was doing his laundry at midnight. I’ve decided if they don’t see my face or see me get out of my car or see me enter my unit they don’t know who I am, I really want to get caught but on the other hand I don’t want the drama.? I’m getting ready to try another bar although Roosters will be my home I just want to see the reaction and the excitement of someplace new. Even though I am old and not very pretty, I feel sexier as a woman than I ever have as a man. I like catching some one trying to see up my skirt…Sitting there looking at my skirt and my round chest I feel so good and I feel so right.

Friday night a couple weeks ago I was a real bad girl. I went to the theater and I got used, I was taken just the way a whore like me should. I sucked a very big cock that I have sucked before and another and another while bent over my dress went up and panties and pantyhose came down and 3 men had their fun and when you have a cock in your pussy ass and between your wet lips life is about as good as it gets for a sissy like me.

I went to the other bar that I planned to check out because they will accept girls like me. I was surprised it had a real key West feel. I really don’t understand gay bars being tacky. Gay are generally so particular and fussy but most gay bars I have been in don’t step up like that I guess that’s why I keep going to Roosters. I understand adult theaters being that way but I prefer the nicer one but men go there for sex and the surrounding are not very important!


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