feeling like a woman

I has a good couple days as a sissy girl. Thursday night I went out dressed I was wearing my sexist out fit. Black lace bra and panties ( my fuck me lingerie ) My bright red top it really fits tight and show off my double D’s boys love tits whether they are one a real girl or a want be girl a big round chest still drawers attention…. nude thigh hi’s short short black skirt that just barley covers my “pussy’ and my cute black spiked heels…. I real look cute and sexy so tha I went to Roosters the gay bar in town. Now the boys there don’t really care about a girl like me but in a way it nice you can go and just be a gurl without being hit on all night. I was so much fun to be out all dressed sexy. Girls have all the fun but since my divorce I can dress every day from sexy to demure so life is good. I wish I didn’t have all these neighbors so I could do my nails and make up when I go out but I keep pushing the envelope I may get there….

Now Friday night was especially special…. I got a cute new dress I wanted to show off so I went out again. I like Rooosters but I would like to have another place to go too. I can’t go to a straight bar because I would just be a freak there. This new dress is a black white print pull over, very classy. So first I put on my best bra it’s a vanity fair full cover satin bra so special it real accentuates my breast. Than a cute pair of full size panties with sheer panties hose with a cotton gusset for comfort than open toe slip ons with 1″ heels Than a put on my dress and my comb out my long blonde hair and I am ready to go. I get to Roosters and I sit at the bar and I look at my outfit and my legs and my chest. I have to admit I feel like a classy mature woman dressed for my age and my looks. Exactly the way I should dress and act for my age. I looked good I have all the curves in the right places for a full figured girl. It’s the first time I really felt like a real woman I set they and imagine if I was a good looking mature woman in a bar full of confidence in my appearance and how I would act. I felt so good I set there and sipped wine for 3 hours.

I know I shouldn’t of done but I didn’t change and I came home fully dressed ( I think I am trying to get caught ) not by my family but by the neighbors. There was a couple of people out and one saw me getting out of my car but he couldn’t see my face but he probably knew who I was so now I have to see the fall out from that but it felt so good coming home as a gurl.


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