Gurl Friday

I was a BAD or maybe good gurl depending on your perspective. It started in the afternoon I went to the movies. Not as a girl but with a 38 a tee shirt bra and bikini panties.  I sat there for a while and there was few guy there but nothing worth sucking but finally this guy comes in. Not bad looking and a little shy. After a while he pulls it out and looked so suckable so I went over and touched him to see if this is why he was there. He started feeling me up, boys are always disappointed because my cock is so little. He spread his legs and I took the invitation what a delicious cock love making a semi hard cock hard in my mouth. He came so close but kept holding back and finally another guy come in and he went into his shell. I was so disappointed not to get my reward !!!!!!!!

I got home and took a sissy shower and was still in the mood…I just shaved my legs and peepee. God my peepee is so cute shaved. I dressed up with my new pink bikini’s with black trim, they are so sexy. Than my my sexy thigh hi with lace tops than my fuck me bra. Black silk with lace trim than my favorite red top that really stretches over my double D’s this top really show off my tits and than sexy black mini skirt. Finally I brush out my long blond hair. I look as good as a full figure aunty type girl can look. So I do on Chaturbate and Adult Finders and apparently I was right I had a lot on men following trying to look up my skirt. That was a lot of fun.

I haven’t been out for a week, maybe it was the full moon or I was just horny. So I decided to go to Roosters. Even though the guys there aren’t into me there is just something about going out all dress and as a woman. Looking down at my smooth legs and short skirt and my big round tits I may not be pretty but I am f–kable. I like going to the girls bathroom pulling panties down and peeing as gurl should. Knowing someone is going see my panties down  peeing…..

After a few drinks I went to the Lake Worth adult theater. I went in and sit down and it wasn’t long before I got some attention. Boys can not resist those big tit it’s like drawing bee to honey. I m being touched and felt up, I LOVE being felt up. One guy beside me and another behind me with his cock out trying to get me to suck it. I was really hoping he would cum on me I love cum…….That was fun but I decide to play a little hard to get thats the girl coming out when I dress. I move to another seat and another CD sit down beside and starts feeling me  and I start feeling her she has no tit but a really nice big clit that I stroke for a while. I decide not to suck her because I have seen her there before and she is very active.

So I get up and walk in the gay side and I get followed by the same two guys. I start jeking both at the same time but they want more so they push me down to my knees and I start servicing them both have nice cock but not huge. One starts fucking my face hard, so I let him do it to me and I am loving it but he doesn’t cum so I start sucking the other one he has suck a nice curly bush I love hairy cocks. The guy that was face fucking gets behind me and pulls down my little pink panties and put on his condom and tries to F–k me but it won’t stay in and he hard but he can’t seem to my pussy ass So after 15 minutes sucking and F–king I have to come up for air. I love the attention…..Finally I decide I’ve had enough fun and it’s only 10 I decide to back to Roosters to see what going on but really to show off and use the girls bathroom. I am so naughty…..


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