Was I good or bad?

I just received my pretty new summer dress Thursday. It really fit nicely, my full figure with all my curves really stood out. I decided to wear to Roosters (even though the men don’t appreciate a gurl like me and the lesbians are worse) but I felt so sexy I just had to show off. I had a few drinks and enjoyed being the talk of the bar, gay guys are worse than women when it comes to talking about someone. I think it’s cute…..So I got ready to leave and I knew I should go home but just wasn’t ready to stop showing off. So I went to the theater on Lake Worth Road. I got into the movies and was just a few guys so I was a little disappointed. So I set down and watched the movie. I was wearing age appropriate under wear. My pink full cut panties, pantyhose, beige full coverage underwire lace bra, white heels. I really looked like a horny cougar type. A guy come out of the gay side with his cock out, not bad looking he saw me and exposed his cock to me and I did what I’m suppose to do. Nice cock nice head uncut and he started fucking my face and feeling my big tits at the same time. I let my face and slide that nice head down my throat and finally I got my reward….. I am feeling so special right now !!!!!!! So I got up and went to the back of the theater and stood there and a guy come in and leaned against the wall behind me. He pulled it out and I watched as he played with it. It didn’t look that big which perfect for oral…. I went love and stroked him and he let me so I now know I can do what I really want to do and down on my knees I went I am sissy heaven right now. He is still quite soft. I love the feel of a cock growing in my mouth and he did and wow he wasn’t as small as I thought. So for the next 15 minute I sucked that wonderful cock and his ball and licked up all his ball sweat. Oh oh he started thrusting hand on my head and a big creamy load shot down my throat.  I feel like such a lucky whore satisfying 2 men and saving their wives or girlfriends from doing they hate and I love……So I left I am so happy but what I did next was even more risky I didn’t change before I went home. I got to the condo completely dressed as a woman and walked to my condo….. I didn’t run into anybody but I loved doing it. I probably want to get caught…….


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