Fun night out

Saturday night I went out in drag and had a few drinks at Roosters. After I decided to go to an adult theater. I was wearing a blue top, black skirt, black heels, pantyhose, pink thong and lace bra. I knew my big tits would drawn attention, I went in sit down but nothing caught my attention so I went into the gay theater and again nothing so I went out and sit in the main theater. There I gut sit down next to me and started feeling me up and that always gets me in the mood. It wasn’t very long before his cock his was and I did what a sissy is suppose to do. He had a nice cock and it wasn’t long before I was sucking his whole shaft and he was holding my head. I was on my knees and I felt someone pulling down my panties and pantyhose down and this big round cock was trying to penetrate my pussy ass but it was so big and round it wouldn’t go in. So finally I turned around and saw his cock it was short big huge otherwise and the guy I was sucking mounted me while I sucked off big boy. I love being fucked while sucking cock you can’t feel much more than a whore… Finally the guy fucking me came and I needed a break, my lips was so stretched so I got up and pulled up my panties and went in and sit in the gay room……Guys were checking me out I get so turned on when I catch guys trying to look up mu skirt……Eventually big boy came in set nest to me…. I loved how thick he was I stroked him for a while he seemed to enjoy my touch and than it came time…… I got on my knees between his legs and wrapped my wet lips around that thick cock and sucked and sucked my tongue was licking his head and than I went down and started on his balls and hear him groan so I knew I was getting to him mmmmmm and sure enough he started humping so I went up on his cock and got my reward for being a good sissy……..


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