I like panties

I feel so lucky that I can wear panties everyday whether I have girl or boy clothes on I have at least a pair of panties. Once I get home I slip my bra on and blouse skirt and hose and I can do this everyday…Today I am wearing a maxi pad not that I am in to menstruation but part of playing the part plus a nice thick pad between my legs feel like a big cushy cock mmmm .. No playing today but I did go Chaturbate for a while yesterday that’s always fun it’s kinda like going out dressed without leaving the condo…..But it make feel so good wearing girl clothes day in day out. I wonder what I would’ve looked like when I was younger I had the cutest bubble but when I was in my 20’s. I bet I would’ve been a cute girl and of course I could wear all those cute sexy thing designed for smaller girl I just think that would’ve been so much fun. Now I am a mature aunty type full figured girl and i still have fun but of course a lot less interest in me as it is when any “gurl: gets older.


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