This is why I am a sissy

The other night I went to a local gay bar and had a few drinks. After I left it was only 9:30 and I didn’t feel like going home so I went to a couple adult theaters near by. The first one Folle’s was very slow so I went to the one on Lake Worth Road. I got there and although there was quite a few people there; there was nobody that caught my attention. So I went to the gay movie and sit there for a while and watched people come and go. So I got up and stepped into the main theater and there he was pants down and stroking his beautiful cock. He took his hand off it as an invitation and that all this sissy needed, down on my knees between his legs and that’s when I got a real good view this thing was BIG. Oh god for 20 minutes I sucked his cock and balls and licked ( he want me to do his ass but I told him I didn’t do that and he was fine with that) He was amazed with my deep throating skills but I was so in heat I want it all in my mouth and down my throat….I was in heaven he was married and he was thoroughly enjoying finding some like me that appreciated his big dick. I bet his wife doesn’t have a clue how luck she is mmmmm. He finally cum and gave me my reward and it was so nice he let me clean him up most guys are to sensitive after so I am very soft but I love clean up all their cum..

This was a dream night for this sissy this is why I was put on the earth !!!!


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