another day

and another pair of panties. Only another sissy understands the feeling of looking through your collection of panties and deciding which pair your going to do and sometimes why? We all have “fuck me panties” when you have someone or your going out to find someone and your proud to show your panties and hopefully make him horny and want to breed if not breed you at least let you serve him mmmmmmmmmmm. For me there is a difference for the feeling I have if I have some fem attire on or not. Don’t get me wrong anytime you can suck a nice hard cock it’s fine but panties put me ina better mood and when Iam fully dressed I want to the best whore that has ever sucked his cock. Everytime I suck a cock I am practicing I want to get better and better I am never satisfied with my performance. If my man does not cream I am always disappointed I feel like I am a worthless slut that isn’t worthy of his cock. Even when it’s not my fault I am still unhappy that I didn’t fullfill the reason I was put on this earth


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