It’s been a long time since I went on Chaturbate but I was feeling pretty good and it’s summer time so things are slow. So I dressed completely my nails lipstick make up heels. Went on and played today. I got a great reaction I think my big tits and tight top caught their attention lol. Doing my nails always pushes me over the edge. When I do it I just want to be a sissy gurl for a MAN……I shaved my legs yesterday, I tried to Nair for the first time and it actually worked ok but I haven’t shaved my legs for a while so my legs were quite hairy but my legs looked so good today when I slipped my Thigh Hi’s on. I forgot how good hose feels on shaved legs…Oh I wish I had real tits but since I am still closeted so that not real possible! I don’t want to cut off the other part I am pretty fond of my pee pee even though it is very very small but so cute…..I don’t want to a Bruce Jennier thing being a girl all the time is way to much work there is time being a boy is fine. As I say being bi is pretty good.

Anyway was on Chaturbate for about an hour I am amazed how crude guys can be….. But the good guys make up for them.

Picture 47


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