Quickie at the theater

Yesterday I went to the adult theater in Lake Worth and hung around and check everyone out. I have become so picky I can’t believe it. I usually leave with no contact but yesterday was different. I had my favorite pink bikini brief panties and I have a LOT of panties, so to say these are my favorite is a big deal and black padded bra under my boy clothes. It always put me into a sissy mood. I set there and I cam in a set down next to me but I wasn’t ready (you know gurls can be lol)) anyway he left and he really was the only one there that I had any interest in. In a little while came back to the gay movies and set away from me but kept looking ( I acted like I didn’t notice what a bitch I can be ) so he left again. He kept looking at his watch so I know  he was getting ready to go. He came back this time playing with his tail though his pants now he was getting my attention and he came over and set next to me and was really playing with so I start really looking at it ( i now wanted it !!!!!!! )

He watch me star at it and he pulled it out OH GAWD it was pretty thick hairy and just perfect sucking size…… He stood up and of course I did what a sissy whore suppose to do I started servicing him mmmmmmmmmmmmm so nice he tasted and smell so horny……he grabbed my head and start fucking my face not hard and mean but with an urgency and a need almost a perfect face fuck. He didn’t last long and exploded in my mouth, lots and lots of juices cum……..Married men are so good. He got what he needed that he wasn’t getting at home now he could go home and be a good satisfied husband and this sissy was sooooooooo happy she was able to do what she was put on this earth for…It was good day to be a sissy!


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