Independence Day

I got thinking about my life and where I am today. I was enjoying sex with kids my own age when I was 5 or 6 years old. We didn’t know what sex was but we knew what felt good,  girls or boys it didn’t make any difference, Than as we grew up we were told what was normal and not. Since I was a boy I was suppose to like girls which was ok because being bi it wasn’t like I was missing out on sex. At that same age I found myself attracted to lingerie, Panties, bra’s, slips, girdle and pads (I am not into mensuration) it just was feminine and I like anytime of woman clothes. I wore girls clothes when ever I could mostly my wifes (not very sexy) and had a couple kids and never participate in the gay side of my personality when married and since the divorce I have been able to live the way I want. But if hadn’t grown up in the very specific time how life might of been different. If I had been born earlier before gay was accepted I probably won’t be able to do what I can do today and if I had born later and this life style is more accepted I might never have got married. So for me I think I was born at atime to take advantage of both life styles. So I think I have been blessed.

I love being able to buy a new bra or pretty panties, maybe a new short skirt imagining boys try to look up between legs and see my panties. It just make me feel so sexy and naughty. Dressing in gurl clothes is one of the things I do as I get older that gives me real pleasure. When I dress (even though I’m not sexy, I feel sexy because I always felt women are naturally sexy) so when I am a girl I feel sexy. I have never seen men sexy or at in the way I see woman that way. The only thing I really find sexy and appealing about men to me is between their legs and yes I find that very appealing and even more so when I am a gurl wearing a skirt and a nice tight top showing off my big tits pantyhose and heels and I am on my knees and the man is standing with a nice hard cock. He can jerking, fucking my lips, rubbing it all over my face I love it all. Yes I have really enjoyed the gurl side of my life.


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