Being bi sexual is a blessing

When I was younger and the world was different it was restricted….What I could do or should do…. Now living in south florida and being divorced now I can do what comes naturally. I play both sides if I wish but men are so much easier in some ways. But, I found gay men are actually more of a pain than women. They are much harder to satisfy sexually I think it just because they have much more sex than straight men. Of course I’ve already stated they really don’t like crossdressing “gurls” like me.

Now “straight” men all seem to have some bi sexuality in them some more some less but since most are married they are looking for something most women won’t or can’t. Woman sometime try but are just missing the enthusiasm, Someone like me that love performing for a man you can not fake if you really like it as I do.

If I was ever going to have another relationship it would be with a woman. Men are only for sex. Now woman will never really understand crossdressing men so I can’t reveal that part on my life to a woman it would kill any relation and be a waste of time. But I still love a hairy juicy round bulging cunt and a nice round ass and big tits even if they hang some. I love a woman when you do it doggy style and her tits hang toward the floor and dance when you fuck her hard and the cunt gets all wet and you hear that slupping sound fro her cunt as you fuck her.  Your just looking at her ass as she submit to you for your pleasure.

Of yes Bi sexually is good !!!!!


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