A great day ito be a “gurl” n Florida

The weather is wonderful……I am wearing some of my favorite girls clothes. I would love to have a man with a nice hairy cock sitting on my couch. I would hand him the remote or he could look out my sliding doors at the river and spread his legs apart and let this sissy service him. Know he comfortable I would take my time and since I love being on my knees. I don’t that there is better place to me men your man need to be served. I watch him stroke himself and I kiss his hairy balls and smell him. I show him my big tits and watch his manhood get stiffer mmmmmmmmmmmm he lets my lick the precum off the head of his cock so I taste him but he teases me ans won’t let suck him as he push my face away from his cock and laugh and tell me to beg if I want that big hard in my mouth and ohhhhhh I beg I want it sooooooooooo bad and he laugh as he call me a pathic siisy fag and I am lucky that he let me suck him because I am such an ugly old whore. I know he right but I also know I am the best cock sucker he every had. That he can treat me the way he could never treat his wife because when and if she suck she doing him a favor…..But not me we both love our parts and I am looking forward to my hour to hour suck, fuck and sex session……..


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