No heels today

Back problems….I love heels now I don’t wear 6″ heels I wear what woman my age would where. I love dressing like a woman my age. Playtex bras hip hugger panties no thongs. Garters and hose, pantyhose and thigh hi’s…….When I dress I am a blonde not because blondes have more fun but because it matches my complexion. It’s like my tits are big because it matches my body type. I love a full figured woman with large tits because it just look right.

The other night I went out dressed and got a thrill. I caught a guy try it look up my skirt! Talk about feeling sexy and naughty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like dressing I have been able to do it everyday since my divorce over 10 years ago and my lingerie is sooooooooooooo much sexier than my wifes. I must have 75 pairs of panties 6 or 7 dildo over every size and type so I can “Fuck” every day…….But there is something about a man ram his hips against your ass and I man breathing hard just before he cums and the wetness of his cum in your panties…


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