New bra

Sitting with my new pink bra it looks so pretty and sexy. I went out today dressed with a body shaper under my street close and my breast enhancers but no one wants to play. But it’s the first time I went out in the day dressed and I liked it there is something about going out as a girl even if you don’t play. Woman just don’t understand how pretty and sexy and special they are.

I have had a couple opportunities this week to do my sissy duties and service a few men. One fucked my face and I love that and he came and I swallowed, there is something about a man cumming and his taste. I also serviced another man he had a wonderful cock but he didn’t cum. I feel such a failure when I can’t get a man to cum in me. I am such a useless slut when I can’t complete my job and satisfy him. I am so happy when I feel him squirt his man juice and I taste that creamy reward on my tongue and my mouth fills full and I swallow and swallow and I look up from my knees and calls a fucking slut and walks away and I stay on my knees just relishing in the act mmmmmmmmmmmm  I feel like I know why I put on this earth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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