Bruce Jenner

This process he’s gone through and me. First I like playing a woman but I don’t want to be a woman. I like being Fem when I want and I like being a boy at times. I would like breast but thats it. Now he say he hetro and really don’t understand if you don’t want to enjoy the opposite sex. That a lot of the fun of being a a crossdresser and bi sexual to enjoy sex with a man as a woman…. I like playing the whole part when dressed and a little submissive I like letting the man to be a man that doesn’t mean abuse but it mean him him telling me what he like and if it’s with reason me doing it….and pleasing him I love making the man happy. Thats why married men are so good and why they like girls like me. It’s really not gay sex and we enjoy really enjoy doing what their wife doesn’t. When they leave they are so happy and relieved. Honestly the wife should suggest he visit a girl like me once a week and their marriage would be so much better. The husband and I am not going to fall in love we just enjoy each other for a couple hours.


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