just sitting here

Thinking how I would like to have a regular MAN but I am careful about inviting people over I do live in South Florida after all. Since I don’t drink much anymore I don’t get out as much as I’d like. I would like someone over here so I could dress completely with make up and I love doing my nails. He could take and sit on my couch and watch TV as I service him. He could take as long as he wanted and I wouldn’t have to rush I could just enjoy what his crotch has to offer. I am a crotchaholic yes I made up that word but I can enjoy  having my face between a woman’s or a mans legs mmmmmmmmmmmm. I would love my hair around his balls his hard hairy (it doesn’t have to be big) cock pull the skin back and lick his head and taste him for the first time. Oh I love my men to wear tighty whiteys or white jocks it like they have wrapped their cocks in pretty sex packages for me….


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