It’s Saturday

Hanging out in my condo wearing panties lace bra and new pink top. Most time when I go out I wear panties and  A cup bra under mys street clothes. I love talking to someone knowing I am all girly under my clothes. The other day I went to Publix’s and I didn’t realize it but the woman behind me could see down my shirt as I unloaded my groceries. It wasn’t until I saw the smirk on her face I realized she saw my bra…. In the old days I would of been embarrassed but I just smiled back.

Normally when I dress at home a wear a 40 DD bra with silicone breast, the same as if you has breast enhancement but on the outside, I didn’t pick DD’s by accident I actually went through C and than D the DD’s fit my body type. I love looking at my chest and seeing those big round breast. I would love real breast but not the rest of the operation my penis is very very small it is truly a sissy cock. So it really fits my current life style.

Now I do occasionally go out dressed that being said I don’t leave the condo like that I finish dressing where ever I go. One of the places I go is Roosters here in West Palm it’s a gay bar. Now gay guy’s really don’t like CD’s they tolerate us and don’t beat us up but gay guy are into guys not guy’s dressed as girls. It funny they are discriminated against but they discriminate against us because we are different. It’s safe place to go and I always fulfilled when I go out as a girl.


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