I had a blog on Google

But they deleted it since they don’t like this type of blog, So it will take me some time to bring this one up to date. What do I like? First I am Bi sexual and have been before I knew what sex was. When I was younger it confused me but now at an older age I see it as a blessing. I am not gay. I thought I had to be because I found men physically attractive but since I have been around gay people I realize I am not. I have no interest in kissing, dating or have that type of relationship with a man it nothing buy physical, If if have a relationship that include emotion and physical it is with a woman…….

Now let talk about my crossdressing, when I dress up I want to be as much like a woman as I can be I enjoy letting that fem side out…Maybe because I think women are so sexy and I want to be like that. Plus I love the whole sex things as a girl.

My family has no idea and if I am fortunate I will take it to my grave with me, this is my demon and no one needs to deal with it if possible. On the other side this is one of the most important thing that i do on a daily bases and I enjoy it so much and it really hurts no one else…

Let see I will end this post it’s getting near bed time. I am wearing a cute pink polo top a pink lace covered playtex bra and Hanes pink panties so today is pink day lol


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